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Spending time

2012/11/08 - Author: Marco Neves

How often do you catch yourself just spending time, doing things that don’t need to be done and that don’t add anything new?

It’s no checking facebook or twitter, it’s refreshing and rechecking facebook and twitter again, after you checked it for 10 times already in the last 10 minutes.

It’s not seeing TV, it is staying in front of the TV even if everything that is being broadcasted doesn’t interest you, or you saw it already and are not really interested in viewing it again.

It’s not reading a book, it is looking at the book as if reading it while your mind travels trough time and space, to what was or was not, or to what can or can’t be.

But, the true is that there is nothing else you could be doing with your time, with your life – that’s you.

At least until you find the one rule that you think you can’t break and that is holding you – and you go and break it. At least until you find the one person that you need to get to and tell her/him to go pound sand. At least until you find the one thing that you would really love to do and you do it. At least until you met that one person that will light your eyes. At least until you…

It doesn’t matter. Your luck will change someday. It doesn’t matter that you don’t do anything to change your luck, it doesn’t matter that you don’t do anything to meet new people, it doesn’t matter that you don’t try to do anything.

Your luck will change someday… just because by you wish it does.

Do you really believe that crap? Do you want your life to change? Get you butt out of the couch and change it!

Your life is what you make of it. You can’t go to college? Go to the library! Don’t get a job? Start a business. Do have have someone who love you? Love the world, love Life!

Yes, I know, it is hard! So hard that is not worth trying! And that’s why you keep spending time on facebook, on twitter, on tv, instead of starting something useful, something you would like, something someone else would pay to have, to use.

Yes, I know, you’re tired, you’ll start it tomorrow, when you are less tired. I know you only have a little bit of time now, it’s not enough, you’ll start it later when you have more time.

You know what… go and read the power of now. It seem that you didn’t read it yet!

And when you are done with that, go and start something. NOW!

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The Power of Now

2012/11/05 - Author: Marco Neves

Now is the time, the only time you have.

You may think you are a busy person, and that you’ll have time later for the things you want to do, but you don’t.

Or you may think that is it not urgent, that you can do it later, but you can’t.

Later never come. Later will become further apart from you as time passes. You only have now. And now you will not be able to do everything you may want.

Now you can choose any single thing and do it.

Often enough we juggle with several tasks at once, and most of the time the only thing that results from it is that all those tasks continue keeping us busy longer  than they should,  far longer than they needed to.

Other times we keep doing meaningless tasks, keeping ourselves occupied to avoid getting started with what can really make a difference in our lives.

We know, deep down, what we should be doing, what needs to be done. But we don’t always want to face our fears, we don’t always want to find out if we can indeed be happier if we make that change, we are often afraid of what changes can come from completing a project, from doing the next step toward our dreams, in the direction of our goals.

We can create long lists of things that we would like to do, big and small projects that will make us rich, that will make us famous – and then keep getting small, meaningless tasks in front of those projects – always find good reasons to do something else.

We all have things in our lives that we feel are not perfect, things that we would like to change, places we would like to visit, people we would like to know, words we would like to say, kisses we want to give. And all of us keep saying ourselves that now is not the time, that later it will be better.

But Now is the time. The time we look at all of that and pick one thing – just one – on thing that will make us happier, that remove some pain from our lives, that will get us closer to some goal – and DO IT!

Now is the time to do it. And just for a moment we leave everything else behind. Just for a moment we forget everything else.

Now, not later, not after a coffe or right after smoking, or after checking the email or facebook.

Now! And if now the thing we want to do is get a coffee or check the email, we do it fully, we do it because we believe that it is the one thing that we want to do now, because it is the one thing that can make us a bit happier, because that is the one thing we want to do now!

Now is the time, the only time we have to do what we want, what needs to be done.

If we don’t do it now, we will never do it!

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